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The 8 Advantages of CSBA
CSBA is a sports school accredited by PTIB.
It is the only school accredited by PTIB in Whistler, BC.
Students of all long-term programs will receive a diploma upon graduation.
We have created a safe learning environment so international students can study stress-free.

1The best environment to pursue sports
Why is Whistler the best place to work on improving sports skills? First, just a few minutes away from the village, where our school is located, you can find the world's best locations for training (ski/snowboarding mountain and other training facilities). Second, it is not too cold in the winter seasons and the summer seasons are dry with long periods of daylight. Third, you can find some of North America's best teachers and coaches. CSBA has had many athletes who come to enjoy this environment. And as Whistler hosts many competitions such as the World Cup, there are many opportunities to interact with top athletes.

2A sports-centered multicultural environment, perfect for learning English
An important reason that CSBA is located in Whistler is that learning can happen through sports. Multiculturalism is a significant characteristic of Canada and by having a common goal of working on sports, you can interact with many different cultures and naturally use English. In Whistler, a town with top athletes, you can obtain not only specialized knowledge of sports but also culture and language.

3Strong ties with local people leads to study and work experiences
Whistler is a small town with a population of around 10,000 people. As a sports resort, most locals are involved with sports-related businesses. Our junior athletes are supported by the teachers Whistler Secondary School and their host families. In addition, we have deep ties with snow school, gyms, travel agencies, sports shops, golf courses, and other associations involved in acquiring qualifications, as well as tournament management officials. All of these people provide study and work experience opportunities. With their understanding of CSBA's goals, we are able to create opportunities for current students and graduates to learn, to work towards a career, and to gain work experience.

4Practical guidance
You cannot become a teacher or guide people just because you are certified. Just because you go abroad, it does not mean you can become a professional athlete. It is important to understand the contents of the program and to know the processes and steps that must be taken to achieve your goals. In Canadian instructional theory, communication skills are perceived to be the most important skill. Obtaining certifications is important, however at CSBA we also strive to work on improving students' instructional skills and knowledge that can be applied in practice. For athlete students, we teach training management techniques that top athletes use, so that they can manage themselves as professional athletes in the future.

5A curriculum which offers a wide variety of activities
It is important to maintain motivation to learn, in order to acquire English and other knowledge, including training for improving sports skills. At CSBA, we offer not only indoor lectures but also a variety of outdoor activities so that students can stay engaged and focused. We also incorporate first aid and avalanche training that are useful in real life, to increase student motivation.

6Support tailored for each students' needs
CSBA believes it is important to support students based on their needs and goals. Before arrival in Canada, CSBA provides support through counseling to discuss students' goals for studying abroad, their goals for the future and their skills and experiences. With counseling, we are also able to provide students opportunities outside of school to use English.

7Support system of Canadian and Japanese staff
CSBA has a mixture of Canadian instructors, Japanese staff, coaches and interns who plan, carry out, and manage each program. To minimize any concerns of students in their day-to-day life, our Japanese staff regularly conduct one-on-one meetings. It is normal to feel confused or worried when you first arrive in a new country. At CSBA, we provide an environment where students can feel free to ask for help or advice.

8Whistler is a safe and convenient place to live
Whistler, one of the world's leading resort towns, has a population of about 10,000. It is very safe and the layout of the city is designed very conveniently. Various training facilities are maintained around Whistler Village, where CSBA is located, and emergency facilities such as police, fire departments, and clinics are within a 5-minute walk from CSBA.

We provide long-term sports programs for international students at CSBA, a school accredited by PTIB.