Let us know what kind of study abroad program you are looking for.
We will provide a program plan and a quotation.

Customized-Study Program

$500 CAD~

Included in Fees:
・Facility fees (locker, tuning room, classroom, Wi-Fi) ・24-hour emergency support
Not Included in Fees:
・Flight Ticket ・Transportation fees ・Accomodation fees ・Meals (Included in fees for homestay-students) ・Souvenirs and other personal fees ・Lesson fees ・Tuition

Endeavour Tours will fulfill the desires of those who wish to enjoy a "second life" overseas and for those who want to work on career development.

Customized-Study Programs for International Students

We recommend our customized study plans for those who want to continue their jobs in Japan while living abroad, for those who want to use vacation days for self-development and for those who want to spend meaningful time during time off from studies.
In recent years, work styles have changed and with the global pandemic, many people have switched to working remotely.
With our customized travel-study plans, we will provide a program centered around your needs to work on the skills you want to develop, while supporting your life overseas.

Why choose a customized-study program?

・It is a suitable way to engage in sports while working remotely.

・Facilities needed for your everyday life are all close together and easy to access.

・You can participate in many different kinds of activities.

What can I achieve through the customized-study program?

・Skill developmet in English and sports

・You can create connections with a new community during your life overseas.

・You can obtain different certifications.

高谷 英悟 Eigo Takaya

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from customers. Eigo Takaya (Professional Snowboard Coach), who moved to Whistler in 2012, will answer your questions.

- Senior

How are customized-study programs arranged?

First, we will call or email you to ask about what kind of goals you have and what kind of activities you want to participate in. Then, we will provide you with a tentative plan and quotation. After that, we can plan out details of the plan through meetings before arrival.

- Working Adult

Is it possible to take other lessons or lectures that are not part of my program?

Yes, it is possible. We can make arrangements with instructors and staff if you let us know in advance.



I particpated in a 2-week program to improve my golf skills and to escape the heat of the summer in Japan It was great for my stamina that I didn't need to play all 18 holes during practice rounds and that I could choose to only play a few holes. I was also very satisfied that I was able to practice on actual turf at the driving range. I had so many great experiences, such as receiving lessons from a Canadian coach and going on rounds with locals.

- Senior student


I participated in a 4-week program using a working holiday visa.
It was my first time going overseas so it was really helpful that the staff helped me set up a bank account and a phone plan, as well as helping me prepare for arrival and finding a job. When I sustained an injury during my time there, the staff came along with me to the hospital to help translate so I felt very safe. I am glad I participated in this program for my first month in Canada, while I adjusted to life overseas.

-Working adult


Endeavour Tours will fulfill the desires of those who wish to enjoy a "second life" overseas and for those who want to work on career development.